Friday, January 18, 2008

Chronicle looks at CD22 Candidate claims... doesn't bother to vet Lampson

The Houston Chronicle, well-known for its liberal-leaning editorial stances, posted an article today from its "Truth Squad." They contend Manlove, Olson, Dunbar and Gibbs are bending the truth abit on the content of their campaign stump speeches and on their resumes. Olson appears to take the biggest hit for seeming to pad his resume to make his rather low-level work at the Pentagon look like he was a key military advisor. Then again, probably need to consider the source on this...

In a separate hit piece, the Chron is also making a mountain out of a molehill over a photoshopped photo that Hrbacek used in his most recent campaign mailer. His campaign folks evidently put Dean's head on the body of what they term, "the torso of an appreciably slimmer man." We got the mailer. The image doesn't appear "appreciably slimmer" to us. Come on, guys. It's not like Hrbacek weighs 400 lbs and is trying to fool folks into thinking he's 180. He's not asking voters on a blind date, nor is this a beauty pageant. There are other photos of him in the same piece that are genuine. Focus on the ISSUES please.

Besides....It costs a lot of money to have those kinds of photos professionally taken. Personally, it bodes well for Hrbacek that he's watching his pennies on things like this. Of course, the local libs are having a field day with this -- in their usual "compassionate" manner. But we think most voters won't give a hoot. Rhymes with Right weighs in (correctly) here.

Today's political climate has changed and voters, particularly primary voters are much more interested in where a candidate stands on the issues and his/her track record. This kind of story just reeks of political "dirty tricks" -- the kind of thing that voters are completely rejecting.

Our guess... someone working for another candidate is getting nervous about the relative strength of Hrbacek's campaign. You don't try cheap shots like this if you don't think the candidate is winning.

Of course, we haven't seen the Chronicle attempt to uncover the "truth" about Slick Nick Lampson in anything he's said or done (and we're not holding our breath). Lampson is notorious for many, many, many flagrant flip-flops on his record. He's been trying to pretend he's a "Blue Dog" conservative Democrat these days... but that hardly matches his consistent liberal voting record on most issues. Even with the Chronicle's help, it's going to be tough for Lampson to fool the CD22 voters come November.

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